“I have been working with Elie for a few years now and I’m always fascinated by his passion and ability to bring his visions to life, turning my dreams into a reality!
He is a dedicated designer who loves getting involved in every aspect of the projects he is working on. A perfectionist who thinks fast and designs efficiently. Guests at my restaurant enjoy the atmosphere, and appreciate our design standard in everything we produce.
I absolutely love our successful collaboration!”

Sonia Zeina-Wehbe,
Corniche Restaurant - Owner


“Elie is an absolute delight to work with. An extremely talented designer and producer, with a keen sense of urgency and an acute understanding of client's requirements. Elie makes it a priority to understand the client's brief, and is quick to add value where the brief can be improved. Nothing is ever too much trouble for him. My dealings with Elie have resulted in an exceptionally high standard of work, delivered to timeline; and in the most delightful manner. Always a pleasure.”

Kirstin Stapelberg,
Corporate Affairs Manager at Asahi, Previously CUB

“Elie was a delight to work with and a great cultural fit at Unscriptd.
He grew into the role at Unscriptd over time and produced quality work very efficiently across a multitude of design areas and always with a big cheesy smile. I'm sad to see him go but happy to see him grow into new roles and new adventures.”

Ben Crowe,
Co-founder at unscriptd.com


“Elie has exceptional attention to detail, is extremely creative and very efficient. He would have to be the most efficient graphic designer i have worked with. He brings life and creativity to any office.
I strongly recommend him as a graphic designer and illustrator.”

Elie Azzi,
Director of La La Land


“Elie is the one of the most passionate designers I have come across. His creative thinking and ability to produce truly original design concepts is unparalleled. He is a pleasure to work with and I wish Elie every success with his career.”

Stephanie Wynne,
Performance Media & Social Strategist at CUB


“I have never come across someone as creative as Elie! He helped bring my portfolio to this century by designing a very well received website for my business. My bookings have skyrocketed since we went live. Love his work!”

Steven Mehaffey,
Head of Entertainment at Princess Cruises